Lancefield Performance
What we do…

Nicky Summerell set up Lancefield Performance after working with several SMEs and finding that she could make huge performance and productivity improvements by applying a tailored and accelerated version of what the big-five consultancies do with large businesses and multinationals. Furthermore, she discovered that in smaller businesses improvements can be identified and implemented very fast and achieve quick results; initial gains in performance can often be seen within days or only a few weeks.

Nicky helps businesses to focus on better meeting customer needs and identifying the processes needed to deliver. This usually involves identifying improved ways of working, refocusing of resources to deliver desired results, reducing costs, motivating staff, making change happen, resolving people issues and improving professionalism.

Using a unique style of coaching both senior executives and their staff, Nicky helps them become more energised, more focussed, more cohesive with common goals and ultimately more effective as a team.

In addition to the assistance Nicky provides within businesses, she works closely with a small network of people with synergistic skills, who together can help clients achieve accelerated growth.