The following is intended to help you understand how
Lancefield Performance might go about helping you as a client.

Typical issues that you might have:

  • growing too slowly
  • too busy and constantly ‘fire-fighting’
  • poor teamwork
  • staff lack professionalism
  • variable or ineffective processes
  • need to implement strategic change

The types of benefits that Lancefield Performance can bring you include:

  • fast growth
  • free up director time
  • better teamwork
  • empowered and motivated staff
  • effective, efficient processes
  • higher volumes and throughputs
  • reaching strategic goals
  • better visibility of outputs and performance

Where Lancefield Performance has worked with other clients, we have:

  • created and helped implement new processes, which can drive performance improvement
  • enabled directors and senior staff to realise change in their businesses and teams
  • empowered boards or staff through coaching, training, energising and motivating
  • helped businesses establish a positive cultural environment based on genuine and relevant values
  • delivered behavioural change throughout the business
  • delivered higher volumes of outputs and more consistent behaviour and outputs
  • worked to increase sales, revenues and profits

Specific examples of changes achieved have included:

  • provided more strategic focus by getting people working together properly as a team and thereby achieving more
  • making separate parts of organisations working together strategically
  • in a small company (where “nothing ever changes”), enabled the staff to work as a team across functions
  • embedded a behaviour of continuous improvement
  • Board members of company moved from being merely polite to having robust debate and working better together (now a market leader)
  • improved operational processes to significantly increase performance
  • 20% increase in volume and revenue
  • achieved with 20% less staff
  • enabled business to meet turnaround times and better visibility of issues
  • achieved more focused and empowered individuals – less chasing for information and more clarity of output
  • managers more proactive, less reactive